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Stephen and Lu Ann Yoder

These guys can explain it way better than I can: http://www.frigoboat.com/home.html . Explore the entire site, there's a wealth of good information there.

Basically the keel-cooled units use the seawater you're sitting in to remove the heat that has been removed from your refrigerator box by the refrigerant. The advantage is that the water is probably always going to be cooler than the air, especially if your air-cooled condenser is located in a locker or the engine room. It's also very quiet as you don't have a fan running to send cooling air across the condenser. The downside is that, yes, you do have to put a hole in the bottom of your boat. The mounting hole is around 1-1/2" and it was pretty scary to drill it. But now that it's installed, bolted down tightly with some 5200 to back it up and nary a leak to be seen, it was all worth it.

Whichever system you decide on, be sure to peruse the Frigoboat website as there is lots of great info on marine refrigeration in general as well as pages detailing how to size your system, etc.


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