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Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

I just met with Randall Caesar at Diesel Parts Sales and showed him your email. All I report here is my understanding of his thoughts. You can email him your questions directly to:
First, he said, some people use that screw as a bleeding screw, which one should never do.
You appear to have a hydraulically controlled pump (mine is mechanical). He showed me the idle cut off screw and adjustment nut on a newly rebuilt hydr. controlled pump he had in hand.
You have to pull the pump off the boat for ANY repair, a big job with a lot of tubes and hoses in the way that must be moved, close to stripping down to the bare block on that side of the engine.
If the screw, alone, is broken, and not the mounting nut/base to which the screw screws into for adjustment, then it should be possible to drill and tap for repair (off the boat, only). The screw will be broken off within the adjustment nut (best case).
If the adjustment nut is what broke or is compromised (with or without the screw), you're screwed and need a new pump.
Randall can get you the screw. He also had the rebuilt pump with a screw included for the meager price of $975.00 with exchange core in hand. He will not release the pump without the old core in hand first.
Final caution, you may be in for a difficult situation matching the pump and/or core. You may see a pump that looks identical and fits perfectly but has different metering internally meaning wrong match for proper engine performance. You may need a pump with the exact same model # as the one on the boat.
I told him if he heard from the Solomon Islands it would probably be after 4:00 pm local DST.
Good luck! I know you can do it.
Let us know.

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