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Norm Rhines

I hate to ask the obvious (did someone wax the drums or the lines?) or spray them down with? silicone or alike?

If your drums are chromed, then cleaning them might get you to where you have the needed surface friction.

If your drums are all bronze you could touch them up with a light 220 in vertical motion just enough to take the shine off the working area of the drum. (this assumes there is NO knerling on the drum. i.e. do not sand areas with texture!)

Lastly: are the little springs in top of the self tailer working correctly (allowing the line to open up the jaw section a little to recieve the line fully?) I have to pull the line into these to get the self tailer to work with out sliping on my boat. Just a? you feed the line from the fourth wrap on the drum up over the finger into the self tailer and let it self tail after making a complete 360 (less the finger) right?

Just doing the random check.
Fair winds with min grinding time.

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