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Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

It looks like the old Aries has come through paying dividends. I've checked around the marina, but not many windvanes in these waters. Still, there were four I found installed on boats. Two were Aries, one was a monitor, and one was either home-made or a make of unknown origin (even to the boat owner). My Aries which boasts the annodized alloy construction is just awesome in appearance and apparent function (though not yet seatrialed). George Shaunfield said he could not believe how good it looked and felt. I took it to his house to compare it and to study his installed Monitor on his W28.
Of all the vanes I saw, George's monitor looked the best, then my repolished and lubed Aries, then the other Monitor at my marina, then the old SS Aries (standard vane, they call it), looked pretty neglected.
What I learned is that Aries' has a good website and spare parts provider (in United Kingdom). The approached I went with was to get a Monitor owner's manual and use it, but Mostly George, to figure out how the thing works. The Monitor manual is 48 pp. long and filled with installation and operating tips that anyone could use. They are both servopendulum units, so fundamentally they operate the same way. If you read the Lechter book on self steering you'll learn about it all and Blondie Hasler.
I also now know what a bunch of spare parts that I could not formerly identify are to be used for. My inventory will be much more meaningful now that I have done the ship bow to stern + windvane.
Total cost to refurbish the old Aries: $69.95, including tax (1/4" Spectra line 40')(don't find any indication Monitor provides line, by the way), plus about a buck's worth of lubricants and three (3) hours work finding a $.30 SS "roll pin" I really, really needed (local fastener supply) to reinstall it with proper peace of mind, plus about one day and a half studying up, removing, cleaning, lubricating, reinstalling. Visiting George added to that time, but heck George is fun to visit and has an awesome boat.
End of story. I'd stick with the Aries if I had a head start. Otherwise, I would have to try to choose between a Monitor (first choice) and Cape Horn, or something else. Problem is they all cost alot of money and installation is a problem. George's mount is custom made SS, very nice.

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