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Post: "In Search Of Westsail "fix""

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Dave King

Ahoy Peter,
Norm has pretty much explained the cause and effect of the pitching situation but I would also like to add some input. As a delivery skipper and a W-32 owner, I have sailed the North American coast on 8 different W-32's and at least 90 other boats. Yes, in some conditions the W-32 will pitch more than the average 32' boat. But it is not a problem. It is easy to avoid the situations that would cause the pitching. The biggest difference between the W-32's, as Norm mentioned, is how the owners have weighted their boats. With just a little effort and discipline regarding weight location in the bow, slapping the bowsprit on the water will be eliminated. Not to change the subject but the Swan 39 was one of the worst pitchers around. Being a SWAN though, nobody wanted to admit that it could possibly have had a problem. Many other boats that may pitch less will in fact "slap" hard in the bow or stern in similar situations. I for one do not appreciate a boat the pounds or slaps the water. It can be unnerving. Good luck with your choice.

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