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I am not an experienced sailor. I have been
looking for a suitable boat to take my wife and three children on
weekend sails on San Francisco Bay, and one that would be suitable for a
longer cruise in the indefinite (but hopefully not too far off) future -
up the inshore passage to Alaska. I'd also like to sail south to Mexico,
someday. A gentleman I know (an experienced cruiser) recommended the
Westsail 32 as being appropriate for my needs. I've done a fair amount
of research on boats, including the Westsails, since then.

Last Saturday, I was invited to tour a Westsail 32. The man who sails
and maintains the boat mentioned that the Westsail 32 pitches a lot. He
cited the full bow as the cause, and said that even in two-foot seas the
boat sometimes pitched enough to bury the bowsprint.

My question is this - is this normal? I know that all boats pitch, under
the right conditions. That sounds like excessive pitching to me,
particularly in a boat that is so heavy. This is the first time I have
heard of that particular issue mentioned in the context of the Westsail

Anything you can tell me in reference to the Westsail's motion at sea
would be appreciated.

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