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Stephen and Lu Ann Yoder

All the talk about messing up an old aluminum tank by using chlorine scared me. So, we just started using the tank as-is. We've filed it with city water (which contains chlorine) a few times. During the first year or so of visiting the boat every few weeks, we only used the tank water for cooking, cleaning, etc and opted to drink bottled water (bottles that we filled at home). But, since our home water was from a well that we had never had tested, not to mention we never had the pipes, holding tank etc. cleaned and yet the water never made us sick in over 20 years, I started to ease my fears of what was in the tank. So I took a sample from the tank to have it tested for coliforms. Test came back negative. So I put a new filter element in the cheapy water filter between the tank and the sink and we started using the water. Now the tank contains mostly RO water but, if the tank was dirty, it still is. So far, no ill effects.

I don't necessarily recommend this procedure, but it worked for us.


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