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Norm Rhines

This post is not expressed exact #'s

I am not near the boats log book, But there are some items on the pointing that I have found to improve the pointing.

My last Maui trip was with the wind about 30 deg apparent at about 20Kts + the ugly is that we only made about 4.2 to 5.1 kts into 5 to 6ft wind waves and needed to keep falling off to keep speed and some sail form. = Not so nice sailing, but in an attempt to shorten the trip I decided to motor sail, (wow) this made a very big difference ( idling around 1400 to 1500 RPM = 4.2kts on the flat ocean) I boosted the sailing speed under the motor sail setup to 6.8 to 7.0 Kts. and better comfort +/-. still got very wet.

So How is this? I believe that pointing is greatly effected on our boats, buy pitch and roll (momentum of the heavy boat) , the sails just don't keep the required shape due to the changing angle and velocity with regard to the wind. So the added motoring in my case, kept the sails in shape better buy keeping them from going in and out of there preferred shape (roll) and thus allowing a higher pointing ability. Yes WOW I would not have guessed this, but it is true and after thinking about it, it does makes some since.

I also have old non battened sails (I have had them recut for balance) This?the balanced rig" I believe is a good trick in getting a little better windward performance. But some day when I have bigger billfold I do want to try a new main with Dave's recommendations of adding two top battens.

I drifted off topic (highest we can point ) but I think a few small tricks in the waves to help in the pointing is a bit more useful +/- give it a try next time you are trying to get some where where you have to head up from the preferred down wind sailing angles. here in Hawaii I never seam to find those nice flat seas, oh well.

Sorry on the lack of exact angle swing information (I will try next time I am on the boat to see if I can find some)


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