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Don Montgomery and Lana Nelson

Hi Randy,

Not sure if this is what you are looking for but this is how we handled it.
We installed two bilge pumps. The primary is a 2000 GPH and is the lowest of the two. The second is a 3700 GPH pump and is three inches higher. It is installed on star board with space under it to allow water to drain to the primary. Both pumps are on thier own heavy duty float switch. Both pumps were wired through the new electric panel so that the breakers serve as the manual switch. No independant bilge control panel. The other circuit (hot all the time) is protected with thermal fuses that reset automatically when they cool off after triping. Both pumps activate a very loud "whistle type" alarm devise that we installed in the new cockpit dashboard. The pumps are wired to the alarms through diodes so that the current does not feed back to the other pump. The primary pump exits out a dedicated bilge hose. The secondary pump exits through the manual whale pump so that we did not have to put yet another hole in the hull. Both hoses are run up to the highest point of the bull work on opposite sides to prevent siphoning. The primary pump has a defeat switch on the alarm so that we can turn it off after we identify the source of the water and determine it is not a major issue. There is no defeat switch on the secondary pump because if it is sounding then we have bigger problems that an annoying alarm. Our boat is very dry and I can't tell you the last time we heard the bilge alarm. So we opted for a bilge pump alarm rather than a high water alarm. We want to know if the pump is running and how often long before there is high water to content with. We also have a red light that comes on when the alarm sounds that is marked bilge pump so that we know what is causing the alarm. We also have a similar alarm for engine temp, high and low transmission pressure and oil pressure. They all have there own light so we know what is alarming in an instant. This may be more than you are looking for but it will at least give you other options. Hope it helps.
Don and Lana

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