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Aaron Norlund


For my few cents worth, I haven't really approached the question of how to carry all of my books, movies, manuals, etc, as I know it is impractical in the traditional manner. Instead, through the years my father and I have been reading, learning, and trying to retain the information as broad concepts that can be employed to create our own style and methodology.

Having a huge information system available all of the time would be very convenient, but I'd be worried that I would take advantage of that convenience by not spending as much time reading and studying. As a full time college student, I have come to expect that if I know I'll have access to info whenever I want with a simple click, I won't bother to actually assimilate it so that it can be fully employed.

That said, I think having a modest information base that could be taken along digitally is pretty superb. Very much as people have come to accept electronic charts, I'm sure, especially now that terabyte size drives are affordable, we will begin seeing more of this marketed to boaters in a pre-packaged form.

Anyway it crumbles, I'll stick to my core texts and be resolve to creativity when I don't have something that tells be how to fix my problems!

Best of luck!
Aaron N.

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